New Strategic Plan for Sprockets

Youth are our future. The experiences they have during their formative years—the knowledge they gain, the relationships they build—set their trajectory for a lifetime. And young people are also essential contributors to our present. Afterschool organizations in Saint Paul have long recognized this fact and have been providing meaningful opportunities for the city’s young people for decades. In recent years, those providers came together to work more closely in order to improve outcomes for youth.

Sprockets officially came into being in 2011 after several years of collaborative conversations and planning among a wide variety of Saint Paul stakeholders, all of whom were concerned about closing opportunity gaps and ensuring opportunities for youth. Six years in, Sprockets is a well-respected model that has garnered national attention for its cross-sector partnership and its focus on improving young people’s access to quality out-of-school-time learning. We are now a nationally recognized leader in the afterschool field, and a model for communities regionally and nationally who seek to replicate our work.

Sprockets was founded with a steadfast commitment to reducing racial and other disparities for Saint Paul’s youth. In all decisions both large and small, we consider the implications those decisions will have on equity in our community, and we work with our partners to advance equity and justice in all we do.

We are in a time of great transition—nationally, regionally and locally. Leadership changes are on the horizon at both the city and the school district. There are immense changes underway in the broader education field, including the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and changes coming to the 21st Century Learning Community grants. Dramatic changes are anticipated at the U.S. Department of Education. The rights of marginalized groups are increasingly under attack and long-held educational values are at risk.

Sprockets is committed to supporting young people during this time of change and tumult by continuing to advance the afterschool field. Over the next three years, we will help more organizations improve the quality of their programs, while also working at the systems level to continue promoting afterschool programs with policy makers, funders and other community leaders.

We believe that strengthening the quality, availability, equity and effectiveness of youth-serving organizations will pay dividends for our community.

We are excited about Sprockets' future and we need your contributions to this bold vision for Saint Paul's young people.  Please take a look at Sprockets' strategic plan and let us know where you think you can contribute. 

Strategic Priorities

Over the next three years, the Sprockets network and staff commit to the following five strategic priorities:
1. Champion the importance of accessible, high-quality learning opportunities for the youth of Saint Paul.
2. Support Saint Paul’s youth-serving organizations as they strive to continuously improve their programming.
3. Advance the field regionally and nationally by piloting and testing new initiatives that deepen the practice of youth-serving organizations.
4. Position Sprockets as a strong leader in the national afterschool field and in Saint Paul.
5. Ensure the financial sustainability of Sprockets and help to maintain and increase funding support for Saint Paul youth development organizations.

Read the full Sprockets 2017-2020 strategic plan.