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Sprockets Database Consent Flow Chart
Sprockets Research Notice (Long Form)

Short Forms

Sprockets Research Notice (Short Form)
Sprockets Research Notice (Short Form) Hmong
Sprockets Research Notice (Short Form) Somali
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Opt out Forms

Sprockets Research Notice (Opt Out)
Sprockets Research Notice (Opt Out) Hmong
Sprockets Research Notice (Opt Out) Somali
Sprockets Research Notice (Opt Out) Spanish


Training Materials

The following are links to the components of the New User Training for the Sprockets Database, which staff and volunteers must complete in order to receive a login to use the data system.  The videos are about ten to fifteen minutes apiece, and will be easiest to follow if completed in the order they are listed.  Once you have completed the training, you can initial and sign the Sprockets Database User Responsbilities document, and scan or mail it to Megan Chmielewski at Wilder Research to receive your login. 

Megan Chmielewski
Wilder Research
451 Lexington Pkwy N
St. Paul, MN 55104

You can also contact Megan with any questions about the training, either by email or at 651-280-2737.

Introduction to the Sprockets Database
Data Privacy and Security
Adding Activities 
Adding Participants
Entering Participant Information
Enrolling and Dropping Participants
Entering Attendance
Individual and Event Attendance (optional)
Running Reports
Sprockets Database User Responsbilities