Open Eye Figure Theatre: The Amazing Cow Boat!

Event Date: 
07/23/2014 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm

 Open Eye Figure Theatre presents "The Amazing Cow Boat!" This puppet show tells the story of a boy named Charlie who is playing in the bath tub. His imagination comes alive as he pretends he is the captain of a boat that is part cow, part boat, part amazing! Together Charlie and his Cow Boat meet pirates, a nest of baby birds and the moon.

The show is full of live music, traditional puppetry, and the opportunity for kids to see puppets up close. Always a crowd pleaser, Open Eye Figure Theatre's shows entertain all ages.

Show will be on the library's front lawn, so bring your lawn chairs. (In case of rain, it will be moved to the auditorium.)


Saint Anthony Park Library MN