Afterschool Participation 2016-2017

2016-2017 Afterschool Participation Brief

Read this year's Sprockets Afterschool Participation Brief 2016-2017.

Showing up to an afterschool program. Coming often. Returning year after year. It makes a difference.

Walking into an afterschool program can change a young person’s life. Whether that program focuses on gardening, choir, soccer, or civic engagement, afterschool programs can give youth the chance to explore new opportunities and learn new skills. So it’s important to know who is showing up to afterschool programs, how often they are there, and whether or not they come back from year to year.

That’s where Sprockets makes a difference.

Because participation in afterschool is key to youth success, Sprockets provides reliable information on youth involvement in afterschool and summer learning across Saint Paul. And we provide free access to the Sprockets Shared Data System for organizations serving youth in the city.

This data also gives the Sprockets network a broad picture of who is participating in life-changing afterschool opportunities in Saint Paul – and it shows us who we’re missing. And then we work to fill the gaps. Sprockets has built a strong network of collaborators who can find solutions and take action, working together to ensure that we’re giving ALL youth in Saint Paul the opportunity to participate in afterschool.

Read this year's full Sprockets Afterschool Participation Brief 2016-2017. In it, you'll find our data about who in Saint Paul is participating and how often. You'll also find case studies from partners who are doing a good job of recruiting youth, encouraging them to return often, and retaining them year over year. Thanks to Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation, Keystone Community Services, and CLUES for sharing your stories with us!

This Participation Strategy brief is the second brief in a series of five briefs that report on Sprockets key strategies for strengthening afterschool in Saint Paul. Read our brief on Strong Programs here. Our next topic is Access, which will be released in early 2018.

Afterschool Participation by Ward

This year, we've also broken down some of our participation numbers by ward to get a different perspective on participation trends across Saint Paul. We produced a series of one-pagers with ward-level data using information from MN Compass and the Sprockets Shared Data System.