Civic Engagement and YOUth.

Prepare to be Civically Enaged!

Looking for resources to prepare yourself, peers, youth or young adults to engage in this year's Saint Paul City Council and St. Paul Public School Board elections?  Below are activities and resources we have pulled together to help.  If you have other ideas to share with the network, email so we can include them as well!

Youth/Adult Patnership Planning Meeting - Join us Tuesday, May 28th 5pm-7pm at the YWCA St. Paul. We are inviting young people to come together to dream up what we could do this next year to support youth civic engagement in some way prior to the elections.  Please share this opportunity with your young people and consider supporting them by joining with us!  Youth and adult attending are asked to RSVP HERE so we can plan for food.

know some young people who may be interested?  Here are printable cards with the info Youth Civic Engagement invites multi.pdf

Activity Ideas for your youth group

Here are some activities to get young people thinking about issues, community and an mayoral election process

Stick Figure of Self Interest- What issues are important to you?  Use this activity to help participants dig into their own self interests. Who makes decisions around those topics? What groups exist that do work around that topic?

Spectrum Activity on Community Issues (updated version coming soon) - Help participants practice sharing and listening to different views and understand where different types of decisions are made.

10 Ways to be Politically Active- Can't vote but want to engage or want to be active beyond your vote?- check out these ideas to engage throughout the year

Educator Resources - From MN Civic Youth, a program of the YMCA of the Twin Cities

Who is running for City Council? (as of 5/16/19)

Ranked Choice Voting... What does that mean?

Below are two videos that show how ranked voting work.  Do you have a decision to make in your program (movie for movie day, favorite performers, next acitivity)?  Try your own ranked voting process to see how in works!

Ranked Choice Voting - How it is Counted (1:59 from our friends in the City of Mpls) 

Ranked Choice Voting Explained with Pokemon (end at 2:35. 2:36-4:55 specific to Maine)

Why RCV? How does it work? Who else is doing it? (Fairvotemn) *contact if you would like someone to come out and talk with your youth or adult group about Rank Choiced Voting.


"Prezi" Presentation to get to know Local Government