December Citywide Network Meeting!

Whether you are looking to build your network of colleagues, learn about ideas, resources and connections in the community, or be thought partners around best practices, dilemmas and topics from the field.... attending a Sprockets Network meeting is the way to go. Youth workers are always welcome.  Two-hour Citywide meetings will happen every other month and will rotate across different parts of the city. 

Be sure to RSVP and invite a colleague!

December Citywide Network Meeting

Tuesday, December17th ~10:30am-12:30pm ~ CLUES

This event is perfect for you if….

  • You are stressed out and need a little time for fun (multiple options for multiple personalities)
  • You have staff that you appreciate and want to honor their hard work and dedication (bring them with!)
  • You are looking for some new activities to bring back to build community with your staff team.
  • You are looking for some new activities to bring back to engage your young people (think winter break… )
  • You set a goal last year to build your social and professional network (or maybe a great opportunity to start a new goal!)
  • You want to meet other people committed to young people in the communities you work in.

We have heard a lot of conversation throughout the network recently about how important it is for those of us working in community to think about self-care so that we can be our best selves for the young people and communities we work alongside. And yet we have to balance our schedules and priorities so setting aside time for ourselves or our staff can be a challenge.

This gathering is designed to feed two birds with one dish! You will not only have opportunities to build connections and network with others, you will also have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that will fill you with joy, new ideas and renewed energy... AND tangible new ideas that can be brought back to your staff team or programming.  There will be a variety of large group and small activity options so whether you are interested in learning some new icebreakers, escape room games, fun filled jeopardy challenge or… if adult color books, yoga or catching up with colleagues while you decorate cookies or over cup of hot chocolate or coffee is your thing…. There will be something for you!