Neighborhood Network Teams - PLCs for Youth Workers


Whether you are looking to build your network of colleagues, learn about ideas, resources and connections in the community, or be thought partners around best practices, dilemmas and topics from the field.... attending a Sprockets Neighborhood Network Team meeting is the way to go. Youth workers are always welcome.  No need to RSVP, we will see you there!  Topics and locations added throughout the year!



NE, et al




April 9th 10-11:30am
Urban Roots
463 Maria #207

April 12th 10-11:30am
Rice Street Library 
1011 Rice Street

April 17th 10-noon
The JK Movement
631 University Avenue W

April 26th 12-1:30pm
Baker Center
209 W. Page St


What would a $15 minimum wage mean for your OST programs?


May 14th 10-11:30am
East Side YMCA
875 Arcade St

May 10th 10-11:30am
North Dale Rec Center
1414 St. Albans St N

May 15th 10-noon
570 Asbury St
May 25th 12-1:30pm
Baker Center
209 W. Page St
  NNTs go on break during the month of June as summer gears up! Check back here for other summer meeting times.