New Report: Equitable Access

Afterschool opportunities that boost young people’s skills and passions are a crucial part of closing the opportunity and achievement gap, but only if young people can access the benefits they provide.

What does afterschool access in Saint Paul actually look like? Check out our new report using Minnesota Student Survey data to examine how youth report on the afterschool program availability, participation, and quality. We found disparities in access by race and income, with white, higher-income youth reporting greater awareness of afterschool opportunities, higher participation rates, and higher quality of programming. 

These disparities in afterschool awareness, participation, and program effectiveness between youth of different races and income levels are troubling – and they show that our network has more work to do to address inequities in Saint Paul and ensure that all young people reach their greatest potential. The data raises questions about how we can more equitably reach youth in Saint Paul. This brief explores barriers that limit participation and discusses policies and practices for increasing equitable access to afterschool.  

Read the full Sprockets Equitable Access brief.

This Equitable Access Strategy brief is the third brief in a series of five briefs that report on Sprockets key strategies for strengthening afterschool in Saint Paul. Read our briefs on Strong Programs and Participation here.