Sprockets Network Communications

Just as the beginning of the school year means young people getting organized with school supplies and schedules, we too want to make sure all of our Sprockets partners are ready as the new year begins.  

The beginning of the school year is a great time to take inventory of your Sprockets communication needs.  Are you getting the information you need from Sprockets? Do you know how to share out information to others? Do you know that some information goes out to specific targeted groups?  Make sure you are getting the information you want to get from Sprockets and stop getting the information you don’t need. 

Are you getting the information you want? 

Sprockets shares information with our network of youth work practitioners through multiple targeted email lists. The goal is to help you get the information you want and not get bogged down with what you don’t.   

Job Opportunity list – Sign up to receive job opportunities in the field of youth work, for yourself or to share with others. These are released every Thursday. 

Sprockets Network News – monthly newsletters – the best place to make sure you are getting Sprockets information locally and nationally from the field.  When there is partner information to share citywide, this is the list we use. 

Manage your account –Govdelivery accounts can be updated by user at any time by going to the website and putting your email address into the field or clicking on the “manage preferences” or “Subscriber Preferences page” at the bottom of a Sprockets Email. Just remember to click or unclick specific lists.


Do you have information to share?  

Sprockets shares information with our network of youth workers, youth/families, and other community members through multiple targeted email lists. The goal is to help you get out the information you want to share to the audiences you are trying to reach. 

Community lists – When you want to share information with the broader community, we send that information to these lists. These lists go out every Tuesday, so make sure to get your information in early! In your email, make sure to include the event name, date and time, location, target audience, brief description, contact information for the event, and any additional attachments. If your opportunity isn’t an “event”, contact us for communication structure requirements. If you don’t currently have a log on, let us know and we can set you up. Send all information to jwiedow@ywcastpaul.org.

  • Youth and Family – Promote opportunities that are free/low cost and family friendly    
  • Just for Teens (or the people who love them) – Teen specific opportunities (open mic, jobs, volunteer, leadership, etc.) 

Are you hiring? – Looking for staff interested in youth work in Saint Paul?  We will send out your posting to help get the word out through our “job postings from the field of youth work” email list.  Job postings go out each Thursday. Send job postings to jwiedow@ywcastpaul.org  

  • When sharing a job, make sure to please include these details in the email: 
    • ​Position Title 
    • Organization 
    • Full time, part time, internship, temporary 
    • Brief description (optional) 
    • Additional flyers, attachments, or links