Sprockets Network Gatherings for Youth Workers

Mark your calendars - 3rd Tuesday monthly at 10am! Whether you are looking to build your network of colleagues, learn about ideas, resources and connections in the community, or be thought partners around best practices, dilemmas and topics from the field.... attending a Sprockets Network meeting is the way to go. Youth workers are always welcome.  Two-hour Citywide meetings will happen every other month and build on the format of the past two years, this year's focus to include learning more about the communities of St. Paul. Like our previous Neighborhood Network Meetings, we will gather in the alternate months to share and learn from each other. These one and a half hour meetings will rotate across different parts of the city.

We will update as locations and details are secured! 

Citywide Network Meetings

Meetings include opportunities to network with other youth workers from across the city, hear about the rich history of a community and learn & share best practices in youth work.

Neighborhood Meetings

Connect and build your network with others serving a specific geographic area.

Oct 16 10am – 12
Hallie Q. Brown Community Center

Nov 20 10:00-11:30
NNT - West Side at Baker Center 

Dec 18 10am – 12
Historic Streetcar Station

Jan 15 10:00-11:30
NNT- Jimmy Le Rec/Oxford Community

Feb 19 10am – 12
East Side Boys and Girls Club 


March 19 10:00-11:30
Junior Achievement (JA)
1745 University Ave

April 16 10am – 12
Baker Center

Join Sprockets at our final Citywide Network  MeetingThis month, in addition to networking with other youthworkers, we will have breakout sessions around: 

SPPS Strategic Plan-Hear from SPPS staff about the new Stategic Plan and think about future ways we might partner to support our youth

Youth/Adult Partnerships-How might we partner with young people in preparation for the upcoming city council and school board elections


May 21 10:00-11:30
East Side
Cookie Cart
946 Payne Ave

Do you work with young people on the East Side?  Join us as we network, connect and share around all the great work you all do with community!

No need to RSVP, join us if you can!

We hope that this new format will meet the needs of the network and are excited to get feedback from all of you throughout the year.