Youth Employment Services

  •  Youth Pathways to Success Overview
    Education, Employment, Empowerment


    The way you choose to participate in this program is your investment in your future. You get to define success and decide what your pathway looks like.

    Group Sessions

    Participants attend seven group training sessions which address such topics as goal setting, self-awareness, conflict resolution, financial literacy, and more!

    Certificate Trainings

    Some career fields are growing fast and need more highly skilled workers. Check for a list of career trainings that can be paid for with WIOA funds and get you certified in your chosen career field.

    Paid Work Experience

    The St Paul YWCA will pay WIOA-eligible youth $12/hour for part-time work as part of the Ramsey County ULEAD work experience program. Local businesses and organizations are matched with youth interested in their field and host ULEAD work placements to help youth build work skills and real-life experience.

    Individual Mentoring

    Staff will schedule to meet with you every other week to go over your goals, successes, concerns, and other needs.

    • Getting copies of documents (birth certificate, social security card, etc.)
    • Completing applications and working on resumes
    • Touring job sites, trade schools, colleges

    We want to make you feel supported on your pathway to success.

    Program cost:
    16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
    Thursdays, Tuesdays
    10, 11, 12
    Program scholarships:
    How do families register?:

    Angie Rouch, LSW
    651-265-0708 / 651-243-1864

    Kateri DeShaw
    651-265-0754 / 651-243-0312


Program Coordinator(s)

Program transportation

Bus cards can be provided to participants who need help with transportation.