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Do you work with youth in Saint Paul? These trainings and network discussions are for you!

Quality program features

Quality youth programs are the intersection of quality program features, engaged youth, and youth worker expertise. Professional development opportunities are designed to support these three elements.

Workshops marked with are sponsored by Sprockets and are no cost to those working with St. Paul Youth.  Others are on behalf of other organizations.  If fees apply, that will be noted near the registration link. See bottom of page for partners providing additional training not listed. Believe it. Build it (bibi) is a resource that includes 6 core building blocks of effective program practices designed by Ignite, MN's Statewide Afterschool's. Number designations note trainings that align with bibi building blocks.

Wednesdays March 27th, April 10th, and May 1st, 2019
Urban Growler
2325 Endicott St.

Cost: $15/class (cash/venmo day of) Includes yoga, beer, self-care, connection

***Attend 1 or all three classes in the series

Yoga & Self-Care for Youth Leadership Professionals 

This is for those who work with and for youth! Leaders, managers, directors, teachers, ministers, paraprofessionals, out-of-school time and community youth workers!  All humans and levels are welcome at this self-care, candlelight yoga, connection event for youth leadership professionals at Urban Growler. Take care of you, so that you can take care of youth! Bring a friend, a mat (if you have one, mats will be provided), and a smile. 

Hosts:  Adrienne Kuchler Eldridge and Zong Vue Vang are experienced youth leadership professionals who believe deeply in self-care as a means to supporting longevity in the youth leadership field. The dream for this class came from the commitment to help youth leaders practice self-care and make a connection with other professionals.

Instructor: Annie Hayes is a yoga teacher, meditation guide and wellness coach with certifications from the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN, and Yoga Center of Minneapolis. Her passions extend beyond yoga to encompass a whole body, whole mind approach to wellness. This passion drove her to create Annie Hayes Wellness, a holistic approach to making wellness affordable and accessible to all.

April 3rd & 10th, 2019
U of MN, St. Paul Campus-Peters Hall (Room 280)

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Cost: $75.00

Tell Me Your World: The Daily Lives of Young People

Relationships are at the heart of youth work.  To build a relationship with a young person we must uncover what their daily life is like.  Knowing youth differently in this way is a value held by many youth workers, but often challenging to do in busy programs.  From the world around us, we also have a host of ideas about “youth” that shape how we perceive, approach and work with youth in communities.  Spend time exploring how we think about and construct the idea of “youth”, and how to work to humanize and individualize young people in their particular and social and political context.  Connect theory to your own experiences of how you talk and “see” young people in ways that constantly challenge your perceptions.   Learn from others new ways to learn more about the youth we spend time with each day. 

What You’ll Walk away with:

  • A clearer sense of what shapes how you think about young people.
  • Ideas about how to better uncover the daily life experiences of the young people.

Workshop is part of 2018-2019 Youth Work Learning Lab

Facilitator: Deborah Moore, U of MN 

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

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Raising the Bar on Problem Solving: Skills for Life Success

Critical thinking and creativity are key life skills for real-world problem solving, including being able to adapt to life changes. This webinar will explore new SEL PQA items around Problem Solving and how staff can design opportunities for youth to create plans, measure progress towards a goal, and solve challenges that arise along the way.

This webinar would be ideal for project directors, site coordinators, and frontline staff.

Thursday, April 11th, 2019 
Amherst Wilder Foundation


Cost: $45-$65
Scholarships Available

Adult Savior to Co-Creator: Reimagining Youth Engagement and Collaboration

Many of us want to make this world a better place for our youth, but sometimes, we may fall into the trap of becoming adult saviors. This mental model leads us to think that we are the Superheroes who know more and want to save the communities we serve.

This workshop will kick off with reflecting on ourselves and our everyday engagements with youth, analyze our assumptions and worldviews of youth work, and develop strategies to become effective collaborators and co-creators with the young people we intend to serve.

This workshop for youth practitioners will help:

  • Increase self-awareness of how you engage and support youth
  • Understand mindsets, practices and systems that are barriers to effective youth work
  • Gain strategies to shift power from adults to youth

 Youth practitioners who will benefit from this workshop:

  • High school teachers and staff
  • Directors, managers, associates and administrative specialists of community services and programs for youth ages 13-18

 We understand that not all participants can contribute the full cost of the workshop and we are committed to ensuring that this workshop is accessible to all who find value in it. If you would like a scholarship to attend this workshop, please contact Nou Yang at  Facilitators: Nou Yang (Wilder) and Sally Brown (Independent Consultant)

Friday April, 12th, 2019
U of M St. Paul Campus

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Cost $30

Social Emotional Learning in Practice

Social and emotional skills are powerful and complex. There are no cookie cutter methods that work with every young person, but youth workers can influence how social and emotional skills are caught and taught within their program. This action-based training builds fluency and understanding of how to support social and emotional learning (SEL).  By exploring practices that infuse social and emotional learning opportunities into existing program content, participants will walk away with strategies to intentionally support social emotional skill growth.

What you’ll have when you walk away

  • A program map to explain how your program supports SEL.
  • Practical strategies to engage staff, families, and youth in SEL conversations.
  • Ideas for infusing your learning environment and learning experiences with SEL opportunities.
  • Tools to begin measuring social emotional skill growth.

Audience: Program managers, program coordinators, full-time direct service providers

Facilitator: Kate Walker, U of M Extension Services

April, 19th 
U of M St. Paul Campus

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Cost $30

Mapping Social and Emotional Learning

This advanced workshop is designed for program leaders ready to develop a deeper understanding of how their program aligns with social and emotional skill building. Programs designed for social emotional learning have parallel cycles. They have a program cycle that describes an activity, ongoing project, or goal that youth work towards. They also have a social emotional learning cycle that describes the skills youth need to develop organization, deal with challenges, and succeed in the program.

Through opportunities for reflection, working together with peers, and coaching from instructors, this workshop will provide participants with tools to describe how and why their program supports social emotional skill development.

What you’ll have when you walk away:

  • A visual "map" that describes your program design.
  • A parallel "map" that describes your program's SEL cycle.
  • Tools to help you explain to stakeholders how and why your program supports SEL. 
  • A customized action plan to guide your program's next steps.

Who should attend: Teams of program leaders, managers, coordinators, and direct service providers who have previously attended SEL in Practice or have a solid understanding of SEL basics. We encourage teams of two or three staff members to register and attend together.

Friday, May 3rd
Wellstone Center

Registration Opening Soon

Spring Summit

Calling all 2018-2019 Activators and programs interested in collecting youth experience data and/or mapping outcomes. 

More information about this event to come!

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

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Raising the Bar on Building Youth Leaders: Teamwork and Responsibility

What are the qualities of a youth leader? How can youth programs build those skills? A successful youth leader is able to be both responsible for accomplishing a task and able to navigate interpersonal relationships so that the entire team can be successful. Learn best practices for scaffolding youth to be successful leaders.

This webinar would be ideal for project directors, site coordinators, and frontline staff.

e-studies are FREE and accessible on YOUR schedule!

NorthStarYouth Worker Fellowship e-studies now available

For the past three years, NorthStar has partnered with the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota to create free, open-source learning materials through the Hubert Project. Past fellows have been invited to transform the ideas from their paper into a deeper set of content that can train youth workers, inform policy-makers, and advance the field.

The newest e-study, Taking Action Toward Equity in Youth Work, is now available! We invite you to explore both this, and previous e-studies, on the new website:



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