About Sprockets

Successful youth, quality programs, that's Sprockets

Sprockets is a network of many different after-school and summer programs for youth in Saint Paul. It is a collaboration of community organizations, the City of Saint Paul, and Saint Paul Public Schools.

Our Vision

All Saint Paul's youth will develop their abilities as learners, contributors, and navigators so they can recognize and achieve their greatest potential.

Our Mission

Sprockets improves the quality, availability, equity and effectiveness of out-of-school time learning for all youth in Saint Paul through the committed, collaborative and innovative efforts of community organizations, government, schools and other partners.

Our Values

  • Culture:  We promote cultural health and understanding, recognizing that culture is an essential lens through which we learn and grow.

  • Partnership: We will be successful only when an inclusive network of youth, parents, schools, organizations and government, reflective of our diverse community, is committed and works together to achieve long-term results.

  • Meaning (relevance): Youth learn best when it is meaningful and relevant to them.

  • Quality (research): We promote both practice-based reflection and research-based knowledge to improve learning opportunities.

  • Learning: We each have something to learn and to contribute; we value learning not only as our end but as part of our process.

  • Equity: Youth have a right to high-quality, inclusive, and culturally-relevant out-of-school time learning opportunities. As a community and a network, we have a responsibility to ensure that all youth and families have equitable access to such opportunities and to advocate for systems, policies, and resources to best fulfill those rights and responsibilities.