Youth Transportation Toolkit

Youth Transportation and Access to OST Programs

Welcome to the Sprockets Youth Transportation Toolkit! We hope to increase youth ability to walk, bike, and use public transportation to travel independently to the places they need to go.


How to Use the Toolkit
Toolkit History and Background
Site Survey and Youth Survey
Tools: Physical Resources
Tools: Education and Safety
Tools: Encouragement Activities
Tools: Information and Maps
Tools: Alternative Transportation Options
Transportation Organization Contact Info
Action Plan and Project Plan

How to Use the Toolkit

1. Fill out the site survey with a staff team.
2. Give youth survey to youth or parents to assess transportation barriers.
3. Review your site survey and youth surveys to decide which toolkit areas (physical resources, education and safety, information and maps, encouragement activities) you want to focus on to increase youth access to your programs.
4. Look through the toolkit for resources in each area. Star the resources that you would be interested in using at your site.
5. Create an action plan with specific activities you can do to better support walking and biking, and a time frame for doing so.
6. For each project or tool, fill out a project plan to detail how your will achieve your transportation and access goals.
7. Work with staff team and youth to help youth access programs! 

Click to download the full Sprockets Youth Transportation Toolkit.