Professional Development


  Understanding ACEs: Building Self-Healing Communities    Register HERE

Wednesday, Oct 30th, 10:00am-12:00 at YWCA St. Paul

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study findings represent a paradigm shift in human understanding of the origins of physical, social, mental, and societal health and well-being.  We now know that leading causes of disease and disability, learning and productivity problems, and early death have their roots in the cumulative neurodevelopmental impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

The Understanding ACEs: Building Self-Healing Communities presentation is presented in three sections:

  • Neurobiology & Epigenetics focuses on how our brains adapt to our environment during childhood & some basic concepts about related to how toxic stress can impact healthy development
  • Key Findings from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study highlights some of the data from the original ACE Study
  •  Resilience provides a framework for thinking about resilience, & focuses primarily on attachment & belonging, supporting individual capabilities, & culture, community, & spirituality as key protective systems

Addressing intergenerational and historical trauma is going to take a lot of creative solutions and approaches – so although a short presentation does not provide all the answers, the key goal of the presentation is to build a common language and understanding about ACEs and the related research as a starting point.  After hearing the presentation, attendees are encouraged to think about how this information could be applied within their own “sphere of influence” (family, workplace, school, community, etc.).

Facilitated by: Jocelyn Wiedow, Sprockets & Dr. Geeta Vora, Vora S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S



 Asking Questions of Participation Data   Register HERE

Wednesday, Nov 6th, 10:30- 12:30 at Rondo Library Registration will be active Oct 1st 

Is your organization collecting attendance and demographic data from participants using the Sprockets Shared Data system?  Learn how to put that data to good use for more than just funder reports.  This session will give you a chance to hear how other organizations are using the Sprockets Shared Data System and learn how to ask the right questions and interpret results to use data for program improvement. We’ll have a special focus on learning how to run reports out of the Sprockets Shared Data System so you can put your organization’s data right at your fingertips. We will also explore using the Minnesota Compass neighborhood profile tool to better understand the racial and economic characteristics of the neighborhood you serve. *Please bring a laptop if you are able.

Facilitated by: Megan Chmelewski, Wilder

Youth Leading Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation   - Register HERE

Tuesday, Nov 12th, 2019, 5:00pm-7:00 pm  

Youth as Evaluators Flyer

Youth-serving organizations are often tasked with program evaluation but often engage youth solely as the subject of the evaluation.  What if youth were the evaluators of their own programs? Or perhaps they are researchers or evaluators of other projects of interest to them?  This workshop brings together youth/adult partners to learn about culturally responsive and equitable evaluation and a way to supports youth leadership in evaluating programs.

Facilitators: Alexia Maceda, Cecilia Caro, Maria Balderrama, and Stephanie Sandoval, are Twin Cities residents who serve as Community Science Collaborators and Drs. Pat Campbell, Karyl Askew, and Monifa Beverly, independent program evaluators who specialize in culturally responsive program evaluation.

 Sankofa in Me: Teaching for Liberation when Stories of Oppression are All We Know  

Friday, Nov 15th, 9:00-12:00 at Arts Us Center for the African Diaspora

Often we are tasked with engaging youth in critical discourse and reach limits to our own understanding of communities because of our own lack of awareness, knowledge, and background.  How do we tackle all of the missing perspectives when there are so many that need to be included? If we haven't been taught these perspectives, how can we deliver them to others?. In this session we will dive into critical pedagogies around engaging youth in active anti-racism and ethnic studies work that can help build healthy identity and connections while growing collective consciousness. Engage in activities, frameworks, and create new approaches to youth engagement that takes into account the intricate histories of marginalized peoples with Anthony Galloway, the Executive Director of the ARTS Us Center for the African Diaspora and co-host of MPR's "Counterstories."  

Facilitated by: Arts Us

*note... this is a non SPPS School day! Great opportunity to engage your young people!


Believe it. Build it. The Conference Edition.

December 12 - 13 8:00-4:30  $70- $130 early bird rates through Sept 13th.

Ignite Afterschool’s 3rd biennial conference, “Believe It, Build It. The Conference Edition” is December 12 – 13, 2019, offering a variety of sessions, training and more featuring the following themes:

  • Workforce,Youth Employment, and STEM
  • SEL (Social-Emotional-Learning)
  • Health & Wellness

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