Professional Development

M3® Continuous Program Improvement Cycle: Version 20-21 Webinar

(*This will serve as the Activator Kick Off for this year!)

September 30 from 2-3:30 pm

M3® is a Continuous Program Improvement process for afterschool and summer learning programs. It’s grounded in research and reality, and nearly a decade of testing and refinement. This session will include:

  • An overview of the M3® process, including rapid cycle feedback tips and adjustments for distance learning
  • New tools and resources
  • Time to connect with colleagues across the state to share M3® experiences and your current strategies and most pressing questions related to evaluation, data, and continuous improvement

This session is intended for team leads and quality ambassadors in your program, as well as program evaluators, program stakeholders with a commitment to using data to improve, youth workers or other program team members interested in leadership and opportunities to invest in their own professional development.

Sponsored by: Ignite Afterschool and co-hosts Sprockets, the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, Partners for Student Success—United Way of Center Minnesota, and University of Minnesota Extension 

Youth Experience Data: Youth Voice to Inform your Work  

Wednesday, October 7th 2:00 - 3:30

Getting feedback from young people is always important. As we operate in new ways and in new spaces, it is even more important now to create the space, ask the questions, and be responsive to young people in intentional ways. Join Jocelyn from Sprockets as we share ideas and tangible examples of engaging ways to gather feedback from your participants in the moment that will inform your work as it continues to evolve.

Measuring What Matters Most

Tuesday, October 27th 11:00-12:00 or* Thursday, October 29th 1:00-2:00 - (*only attend one session)

In a number of informal polls of Minnesota youth workers, we know that almost half of programs are providing some support to youth online, another 40% running a mix of online and in-person support and the remaining are not able to offer programs at all. The afterschool and community based youth work has shifted dramatically due to the pandemic. 

Nothing during a pandemic can be thought of in the same way and youth programs (and those that support and fund them) must find new ways to document, learn and respond in an entirely different landscape. This includes what, how and why we evaluate. Appropriate outcomes to expect pre Covid19 may need to be directed towards capturing changes and adaptations youth programs are making in response to how the world has changed. 

This web session acknowledges the uncertainty and shifts occurring in youth programs and provides a series of questions to decide what is reasonable and useful to measure given the new reality.

Registration includes access to a planning guide and a curated set of reports, resources and templates you can download.

Facilitated by: Deborah Moore, University of Minnesota Youth Work Learning Lab Director and Faculty in Youth Studies and Youth Development Leadership Departments in the School of Social Work


The following series of events are open to partners in Sprockets and across the state. What do you and your team need right now?  If it's not on the list email as we continue to collaborate for new opportunities throughout the year. (*Notes... dates are tentative until final registration information is provided).

  • TBD - Youth Engagment in CPI
  • Wednesday, October 21st 2:00-3:30 - Basic Data Reflection Strategies to engage staff and stakeholders
  • Wednesday, October 28th 2:00-3:30- Quality - using observation data in virtual or hybred spaces 

Partner Trainings

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