Professional Development


 Fostering Teamwork 

Tuesday, November 22nd, 10:00am-12:30pm in-person at Baker Center  - REGISTER HERE

Teamwork-for some the word generates excitement, for some dread. With time, support, and facilitation youth workers can help young people have both strong team-building skills and a sense of trust and group identity. Participants in this workshop will learn and apply group norm-building and facilitation techniques. Time will be spent applying and scaffolding techniques to support young people in managing their communication styles and applying reframing conflict skills.

Facilitator: Jocelyn Wiedow, Sprockets

 Promoting Responsibility and Leadership -

Thursday, November 10th , 10:30am-1:00 in-person at Rondo Community Outreach Library  - REGISTER HERE

Leadership and responsibility opportunities are not only foundational to high-quality programs but are also important social and emotional abilities for young people to build, develop, and practice. In this workshop, participants will explore how responsibility and leadership fit within a broader SEL framework and develop practical skills to model roles and responsibilities and support young people in leveraging their strengths, interests, and leadership style as part of groups and relationships. Participants will practice applying techniques learned to their program with an eye towards facilitating young peoples’ ownership.

Facilitator: Jocelyn Wiedow, Sprockets


 Sprockets Citywide Network Gathering- Topic: Supporting wellness for ourselves and programs during the winter months.

Friday, December 9th 10:00am - 12:00pm at Arlington Hills Community Center - RSVP HERE

Less sunlight. Cold temperatures. Excitement and anxiety of seasonal celebrations, and disrupted schedules. These are all things that impact both youth workers and young people alike. Now is the time to start preparing to battle the winter blues!

Join us for the December Network Gathering where we will come together for some much-needed activities to enjoy for ourselves, and tangible ideas we can bring back to programs, that help prepare for engaging, supportive, and healing winter offerings.

More about the Network Gathering. 

Is it a training? – No… but you will learn some new ideas and activities to bring back to your program and learn about other organizations in Saint Paul.

Is it a networking event? – Yes, there will be facilitated and informal opportunities to network. You can also bring flyers and promotional materials of your opportunities for the resource table.

Will there be lunch? Yes, a light lunch will be available.

  Self-Guided online courses from the Center for Youth Development - U of M

These self-studies are a great onboarding resource. These introductory courses offer 3-6 hours of individual online learning with unlimited 24-hour access. Free, but registration is required.

YouTube YouthWorker Playlist

Check out the Sprockets YouTube channel for recordings of some of our past virtual offerings. Note that not all trainings are recorded and based on the interactive nature, we always encourage participating in real time when able.

Partner Trainings

More training opportunities from the community:

MYouth Pro - An Initiative of Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA)

NorthStar Youth Work e-studies

U of M Center for Youth Development