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Strategy Briefs

Participation Strategy Brief 2016-2017  Strong Programs Strategy Brief 2016-2017 Equitable Access Strategy Brief 2016-17  Benefits to Youth Strategy Brief 2016-2017  

Data Reports

Sprockets 2011-12 Out-of-School-Time Report Sprockets 2012-13 Out-of-School-Time Report Sprockets 2013-2014 Out-of-School-Time Report Sprockets 2014-2015 Out-of-School-Time Report Sprockets 2015-2016 Out-of-School-Time Report Sprockets 2017-2018 Out-of-School Time Report  

SEL Pilot

SEL Pilot Year 1 - Lessons Learned  Propel SEL Findings & Recommendations  SEL Pilot Year 3 - Lessons Learned

 Foundational Documents 

 St. Paul's Commitment to Quality Youth Programs Sprockets Youth Transportation Toolkit  After School Accelerators Executive SummarySprockets 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Sprockets Logic Map Framework for Youth Success  User Guide For Agencies                


             Sprockets 10th Anniversary Partner Engagement Findings                               

             Journey Mapping Infographic Journey Mapping Findings 10 Year Key Findings