Governance of Sprockets

Many hands, heads, and hearts guide Sprockets.

Sprockets is a collaboration between the City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul Public Schools, and community organizations across Saint Paul that make a positive difference in the lives of youth. The passion for quality out-of-school time experiences runs deep in our community, and we are fortunate to have the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience from many committed individuals guiding our work.

The Sprockets network is supported and guided by:

  • Our Leadership Group, which provides strategic direction for Sprockets
  • Our Community Advisory Council, which provides feedback on Sprockets strategies from a program perspective
  • The Saint Paul Youth Commission and Saint Paul Youth on Boards, which helps keep Sprockets in touch with and connected to the young people we serve
  • Our Citywide Network Events, which allow for people to come together and align resources around what's happening for young people in their community

Together, we’re working to ensure that all youth in Saint Paul have the opportunity to participate in meaningful out-of-school time opportunities that help them succeed.