Clay and Tell, Sun Ray Library

Event Date: 
12/27/2012 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Participants will work together to create a clay character and tell a story about the character. Some participants will get to choose and prepare clay, while others will choose the personality or adventures of the character.

The presenter, Maureen Carlson, does most of the actual clay sculpting and building, but the whole group takes ownership due to their important part in determining the direction of the story. With Maureen’s direction, the group will decide the character's history, the layout of its house, its favorite activities, and perhaps even the contents of its refrigerator. Maureen sculpts and forms the clay while the story is being woven together.

After the event, Maureen will take the clay creation back to her studio and bake it. The final clay character will return to the library, where participants can come visit!

This program is supported by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.