Sharing Info for Newsletters

Sprockets has a vast network of people who sign up to receive newsletters.  Ever wondered which list was which?  Who to send information to?

That's easy!  Send any information you want sent out to  While you may have sent this to one of the Sprockets staff in the past, we encourage you to send it to our organizational email instead!  

Our "Just for Teens" newsletter is meant for just that - teens!  We accept events, job opportunities, internship oppoertunities, and general articles of interest to youth.  If you are someone who loves teens, this might be a good opportunity to help share out information to teens you work with, too!

"Youth and Family Opportunities" is more about those opportunities or events that families can share together.  This might be resources in growing as a family, activities in the St. Paul community, and more.

Our monthly newsletter is for everyone!  We update you on all the important stuff and what we're up to!  It's a mix of a bunch of different things!

Last, but not least, of course is our "Youth Job Opportunities."  If you enjoy working with youth, there are plenty of careers and job exploration opportunities.  We support our network's need to hire great candidates and focus on awareness to diverse candidates.