Youth Lead Discussions with SPPS School Board Candidates

Submitted by Mailee, Pagey, and Sabrina (Sprockets Community Engagement Team)

On Thursday, October 24th, youth and adults from the City of St. Paul gathered together to learn about the candidates running for four open seats on the SPPS School Board through a round table format. The event was planned by young people from multiple organizations including,Sprockets Community Engagement Team, Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center (KAYSC), and St. Paul Youth Commission (SPYC). We had multiple planning meetings for logistics, finding volunteers and preparing youth moderators.

Youth came together for the SPPS school board forum to have a deeper understanding on why candidates wanted to be on the school board and let them know about school issues youth care about and how we think about our schools. 

Check out this video produced by JuiceMedia at FilmNorth that captures the event.

These are some thoughts from a few planning team members and moderators.

What inspired you to take a leadership in this SPPS school board event?

  • I wanted to have an impact on the community (Chineze)
  • I wanted to have my voice and other youths voices heard about our community (Pagey) 

Why do you think it's important for young people to be involved in local decision making?

  • I think it is important we because we are in charge of our future and present. (Chineze)
  • I think it is important that us youth are involved in local decisions because it shapes the future of our community (Mailee)

What advice do you have for other youths ?  

  • Use your voice and speak up for what you believe in. (Chineze)
  • Adults can’t do it alone. We as youth also play an important role in strengthening our community and improving youth outcomes (Sabrina)

Thank you to the planning committee for the planning, Juice Media from FilmNorth for the great video and images, Mount Airy Boys And Girls Club for providing food and the spaces, youth moderators, interpreters, Cookie Cart for providing cookies , adult supporters, attendees and a big thanks to the candidates for coming and caring about what youth have to say!