Sprockets Spotlight

Citywide Meeting: Youth Leadership

Network gathers to share and learn about youth leadership Read More »

Jalil Shabazz wins West Side Achievement Award

Youth worker Jalil runs TeenPower, a youth group that makes beats and music. Read More »
Teens with Technology

Innovations in STEM at Liberty Plaza

Read all about the housing development's new STEM program that builds tech skills, equity, and leadership!  Read More »

McVay Youth VOICE finds new home!

Sprockets helps McVay Youth VOICE find a new home for programming in the North End  Read More »
SEL Pilot training

SEL Pilot Year 1: Lessons Learned

Read about the key lessons we've learned from year 1 of our social emotional learning pilot!  Read More »

SLPQI Highlight: ACES

Read about how ACES improved their programming through the SLPQI! Read More »
M3 Day

Setting Goals to Improve Createch

Read about Createch's journey through the Sprockets Activator Improvement Cycle and how they're going to measure success!  Read More »
Weikert Filming

The Weikart Center Films Partners for External Assesor Training

Many of us in youth work have experienced Weikart Center’s external assessor trainings.   The training consists of practice video scoring where the external assessor trainees take notes on taped programs and then score them on the YPQA.  As the trainees critique and score the programs, thoughts run through their minds.  Who are these programs?  How old is this program? Is this REALLY what their program is like? These taped programs get judged by hundreds of people country wide.  Can you image your program being tape? Well a few of our partners have done just that! Read More »

SPUT utilizes the Sprockets Data Report

Saint Paul Urban Tennis hasn't waited a second to utilize the 2014-2015 Sprockets Data Report.  They've been using it with staff, their board of directors and are hoping to have their youth council dig into it. The data is helping them to strategize future growth and help plan their summer tennis camps.  SPUT is also utilizing the SLPQI to increase the quality of their summer camps.  Learn more about how SPUT is utilizing the Sprockets Data Report and planning for summer! Read More »
Activator Highlight: Neighborhood House

Activator Highlight: Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House is incorporating more data into many aspects of their programs and the Activator Improvement Cycle allows their youth programs to do this in a facilitated way.  It also helps them identify certain narratives about their program which they use internally and externally. “It’s really making meaning out of your data sets,” said Sarah Lindeman, Neighborhood House's Community Impact Manager. Read More »