Supporting Social and Emotional Skills while social distancing

Whether you are a youth worker reimagining your work in supporting young people or a parent or family member supporting your loved ones, there is an increased need to attend to the Social and Emotional needs of EVERYONE right now.  Here are some resources that might help you while we continue to social distance and into the future as we transition to whatever our "new normal" will evolve to.

Do you have other resources or activities you are using to support social interactions and emotional needs for young people or adults? Email to share those ideas with others!

Managing Emotions - How do you all want to FEEL during Distant Learning and Social Distancing?

There is no doubt that at some point during distant learning and social distancing frustration and strong emotions will pop up.  If you haven't already had a discussion about how you all want to feel during the process, its not too late!  Check out the blog Emotions At Home: How Do We Want to Feel with instructions for the 4 steps to take to create a Family Charter to help foster communication around emotions.

Covid-19 Time Capsule

We are living through history right now.  This printable "time capsule" allows young people (and adults) to document their experience and emotions that allows them to reflect and share their experience in a hands on way. The document was created and provide broadly and freely by LONG Creations.

We are all living through history right now and I thought a "time capsule" would be an amazing way to document this experience to look back on, these worksheets were created by me for my family but I wanted to share with all my fans!

Yale Webinars: Using emotional intelligence to combat COVID-19 anxiety

Yale Center for Emotional Intellegence: Mood Meter Overview

When students experience a range of emotions, how does it impact how students think and what they do? The Mood Meter Overview is a short animated video that explores how emotions impact through and behaviors (whether in the classroom or distance learning). 

Self-Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Nine ways you can take charge right now

Colorlines article by Hillary Beard, 3/16/2020  Highlighting 9 steps you can take charge right now.