Talking to youth about racism and violence

Updated Resources 8/17: To help you navigate complex and difficult conversations and grow as advocates and educators, Every Hour Counts compiled a starting list of resources for program providers, parents, and educators:

Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide

Crucial, Courageous Conversations: How to Talk to Kids About Racial Violence

Resources for Educators to Use in the Wake of Charlottesville

Diversity Toolkit: Cultural Competence for Educators

An Equity Action Agenda for Youth Development Professionals

Why the Myth of Meritocracy Hurts Kids of Color

How to talk to your kids about the violence in Charlottesville

Educational Resources

Teaching Tolerance had created a page in 2014 in response to the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and others that include some thoughtful blog posts, curriculum and other resources. 

The Zinn Education Project released the following resource collection in August 2014 after the death of Michael Brown.  These resources are geared towards middle and high school students and ways they can be proactive in their own communities.

We have also included links with information that may be helpful to share with families.

 If you have additional resources that you find helpful and want to share with others, please email them to to be included in the list of resources.