• Each summer, the East Side Arts Council’s Artmobile drives around the East Side of St. Paul, stopping at community centers to bring free drop-in art classes to children of all ages. With a van full of art supplies, local professional artists hit the road to connect with the community through arts enrichment. Rain or shine, the Artmobile will pull in and unload accessible arts programming for any and all that attend!

    July 7-26th 1-3pm

    • Mondays: Ames Lake
    • Tuesdays: Dayton's Bluff Rec Center
    • Wednesday: Phalen Rec Center
    • Thursdays: Hayden Heights Rec Center
    • Fridays: TBA

    July 29th – August 16 1-3PM

    • Mondays: Ames Lake
    • Tuesdays: Arlington Hills Community Cnt
    • Wednesday: Phalen Rec Center
    • Thursdays: Hazel Park Rec Center
    • Fridays: Duluth and Case Rec Center

    Program cost:
    6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Program scholarships:
    How do families register?:

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