5 Days of Active Play

Do the Summer Countdown

Get out and move!

That’s the idea behind “5 Days of Active Play.” It can be as simple as heading out for an hour after dinner each night, or visiting one of Saint Paul’s 170 parks and open spaces, 100 miles of trails, a zoo, four golf courses, and 26 recreation centers.

Younger children can keep busy for hours “painting” with a bucket of water and an old brush or discovering a new playground.  Older youth might want to collect natural objects, kick a soccer ball, or create sidewalk art with chalk.  Instead of a lemonade stand, how about a neighborhood newspaper reported, written and sold (for 5 or 10 cents per copy) by the young people in your home?  And don’t forget about teens, who might enjoy starting a summer car wash, lawn mowing or dog walking business.

Put an End to “I’m Bored!”

Check out these websites for even more ways to be active this summer:

For your tweens and teens, check out this website for summer planning tips.  Finally, don’t forget to check out the Sprockets Program Finder and Events Calendar to help find youth programs and events in your neighborhood!