Join Sprockets! Activator Improvement Cycle and Kick Off Information

How can your organization get more deeply involved with Sprockets and improve quality in your program?  Become an Activator!
Activator Improvement Cycle Details and Timeline

New Sprockets Activator Designations  

High-quality out-of-school time experiences play an important role in helping Saint Paul's youth recognize and achieve their greatest potential; that’s why we are committed to supporting continuous program improvement through the Sprockets Activator Improvement Cycle. Participation in the Activator Cycle helps your organization use data to strengthen and improve your program - leading to better outcomes and experiences for youth. 

What’s the Activator commitment?

  • Attend Activator Kick Off 

Activator Kick Off (register here)
September 17th, 2019 9:00 am - 12:00
Wellstone Center, 179 Robie St.

Required for at least one quality lead per organization but we encourage you to bring a team.  Attend for great discussion topics, hear from colleagues and networking.  We will also provide details around this year's Activator schedule, supports and requirements. 

  • Complete an internal/self PQA Assessment and schedule an External Observation 

Completing an internal assessment not only provides great information for your staff team to reflect on at M3, it also is a great strategy to help staff build a deeper understanding of quality practices. Sprockets will provide examples of creative ways you can bring this to life in your org.

External observations are also key in providing additional feedback to reflect on alongside your internal scores. Sprockets will be providing External Assessments for all programs.

*These supports were provided in the past but considered optional.  Because of Sprockets commitment to supporting improved quality across Saint Paul, this is now a required component of the cycle.  For questions or more information, please come to the kick off or contact Jocelyn 

  • Submit your Activator Cycle Plan

Completing an Activator Cycle Plan helps you consider and prepare for data collection that ensures you have a productive M3 Huddle. More info on how to plan your cycle at the Activator Kick Off.

  • Participate in Making Meaning with Multiple Data Sets (M3)

 January dates coming soon. This day-long workshop provides you the space and guidance for your quality team to analyze data in order to inform your improvement plans.

  • Submit a program improvement plan by February 15th