Sprocket Network Conference Revisited

Thank you to all who attended the Sprockets Network Conference!

Check out images from the event, it was a blast!

View out our first ever Sprockets Report!
Sprockets 2011-2012 OST Report

Keynote Speaker
Susan Brower, MN State Demographer provided an overview of changing demographics that affect us all.  Click Here for slides from the presentation

Special Thanks to our Mission Moments!
S -
P -
YLI (Youth LeadershiP Initiative)
R - R
ice Street Rec Center
O -
COmmonbond Communities
C -
Bold, BlaCk and Talented
K - K
itty Anderson Youth Science Center
E -
Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment
T -
St. Paul's YouTh Commission
S -
School Success Program, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

Breakout Sessions
Below are the descriptions of some of the great breakout sessions from the conference put on by your Sprockets Network Partners.  Links for available handouts, resources, etc. are below.

A Collaborative Approach to Data: Best Practices
How can shared data inform policy and practice?  Using examples from other data sharing partnerships, this session focuses on how to maximize data and apply it to decision making and programs. Participants will identify key steps to strengthen data sharing collaboratives.
Presenters: Sebastian Castrechini, John W. Gardner Center and Catherine Penkert, Sprockets
Best Practices for a Collaborative Approach to Data

Aligning Programs with a Youth Success Framework
Find out how the Community Design Center uses Saint Paul’s Framework for Youth Success to guide intentional program development and build brighter futures for youth. Youth share their experiences of learning, contributing, navigating, and thriving, and you’ll get an idea of how to incorporate these aspects into your programming.
Presenters: Community Design Center, staff and youth

Hands-on with Science
Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center of the Science Museum of Minnesota demonstrates hands on activities that engage young people in exploring science and engineering.  These experiential activities are projects that youth and youth workers can bring back to their sites.
Presenters: Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center staff and alumni

Multimedia Tools for Youth and Community Engagement
Technology, multimedia tools and digital/ media literacy.  We hear and use these terms more and more often, but what do they really mean in terms of engaging youth and community?  A panel of youth and adults share the role of technology is their work to engage youth, peers and the community.
Panelists: SPNN and Teen Tech Crew at the SMM adult and youth partners
Teen Tech Crew resources.pdf
What is Teen Tech Crew? video by SMM Teen Tech Crew
SPNN video about the 2012 Youth Intern Program
SPNN produced video "Fong Lee: The Story of Tragedy and Injustice"

Rethinking Scale: More than Upping the Numbers
We all want young people to have increased access to quality learning experiences that lead to better outcomes.  So should we focus on scaling up great programs, great practices or both?  Come ready to discuss the complexities and opportunities of rethinking scale.
Presenters: Priscilla Little, The Wallace Foundation, Kari Denissen Cunnien, Sprockets
Rethinking Scale: More than upping the numbers

“Steppin’ Up”:  Youth-Adult Partnership to Improve Program Quality
Beacons staff and program alum discuss how Minneapolis Beacons has used youth-adult partnership as a key strategy for improving the quality of youth programs across multiple organizations.  The workshop covers strategies including youth advisory boards, a city-wide leadership of youth and adults, and the “Quality Action Teams” of youth and adults conducting quality assessment and improvement planning. 
Presenters: YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, Minneapolis Beacons staff and alumni
Improving quality through youth & adult partnership
Mpls Beacons brochure

Talking Through Contradictions: Tensions in Best Practice and Youthwork
As we work to make sure our programs are high quality, we seek out best practices and research to guide the way. But what happens when there are tensions between best practice and our program reality?  Using a case study, we will explore some of these ‘tensions’ and together we’ll share experiences and solutions.
Presenters: Commonbond Communities, staff and youth

Youth as Evaluators and Improvers!
Young people want to be involved in high quality programs. Involving youth in program evaluation can help everyone understand what is happening in programs and how to make them better. Urban 4-H & Youth Partners will share how they use Youth Participatory Evaluation to generate and use data to make improvements in both the program and the community setting.
Presenters: Urban 4-H staff and youth